Covid 19 risk assessment

Important Information

We, at Ahead4therapy, are keen to get back to working face to face with our clients, so we have been having discussions around ways to keep everyone as safe as possible.

If, after reading our risk assessment and the list of what we will require you, the client, to comply with you feel the time is right to return to the centre for counselling please liaise with your therapist about booking in an appointment.  Our appointments will be open from the 6th July, though not all therapists will be offering face to face work at this time.

When you do come to the centre at Abbey Meads we ask that you observe the following:-

To Minimise Risk……

Do not attend if you have a temperature, cough or feel unwell. A telephone or online session can be available for you instead.

Please remember to bring your own water bottle, tissues and go to the loo.  (The toilet will still be available if necessary).

Please do not arrive early for your appointment.  Do not wait by the front door.  (the queue for Tesco files past) Text or telephone your therapist no more than 2 minutes before your appointment time and they will open the door for you.

Your therapist will lead the way up the stairs, you can close the door with your foot, if you feel more comfortable to do this.

At the top of the stairs there is hand sanitiser.  Please sanitise your hands.

Your therapist will show you to your room.  We will only be using the two larger rooms in the centre until the risk to public health is reduced further. Therefore, your sessions maybe in a different room than previously.  You may notice the chairs are spaced a little further apart in the large rooms and you will be shown where to sit for the session. It will not be a requirement for you to wear a mask. 

After the session, your therapist will open the doors for you to leave.  Please sanitise your hands before leaving. There will be notices displayed as prompts to remind you to do this.

Please communicate back to your therapist if there is anything else you feel we can do to improve the safety of everyone using the centre. We can then take this into consideration.

Thank you for reading through this notice.

From all the Therapists at Ahead4therapy.