Risk assessment Swindon

Risk assessment Devizes

Important Information

At this challenging time, we are keen to ensure people using our centre feel as safe as possible and can feel confident that we are taking appropriate measures to reduce the risk of transmitting coronavirus.

We have carried out a risk assessment which can be viewed online and we are asking our clients and therapists to maintain the advice that was set out some months ago. 

Please read the risk assessment.

Please inform your therapist before travelling to the centre if you have a temperature, cough or feel unwell. A telephone or online session can be available for you instead.

Bring your own water bottle and tissues and to only use our WC if absolutely necessary.

Arrive at your allocated appointment time and text or telephone your therapist. They will open the door for you.

Your therapist will lead the way up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs there is hand sanitiser.  Please sanitise your hands.

Your therapist will show you to your room.  We have spaced the chairs to 2 metres apart, you will be shown where to sit for the session. Please discuss with your therapist regarding the wearing of a mask.

After the session, your therapist will open the doors for you to leave.  Please sanitise your hands before leaving. There will be notices displayed as prompts to remind you to do this.

If you would like to engage with a therapist for support please visit our therapists page where they will be able to advise you if they are offering online or face to face appointments at this time.

Thank you for reading through this notice.

From all the Therapists at Ahead4therapy.