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Hello! I’m a warm and accepting psychotherapist working using a blend of talking and creative methods to meet you where you’re at right now and to help you to identify what it is you need to move forward in whatever way that is for you. I bring with me years of experience, both with clients and in my own life, a lot of art materials, pens and paper, some props such as blankets, cards, hats, and a lot of creativity, playfulness and encouragement. I draw on a wealth of experience of drama, music, art, play, voice, movement and dance to provide ways to access difficult emotions or lost energies within us that are searching for expression – sometimes words are just not enough to reach what we are looking for or what we have been through, and sometimes we just don’t know why we feel what we do and need some help to understand in a less direct or analytical way, especially if what we have experienced happened when we were much younger and did not have the words. I firmly believe that we all need a safe space to be ourselves, where all parts of us can be accepted and integrated and where we are supported to make our own decisions and to feel empowered. I am totally comfortable with all genders, sexualities, relationship styles and lifestyle choices. I work with autism, adhd, gender dysphoria, difficulties with self esteem, anxiety, depression, trauma, attachment, addictions, eating problems, body image, self harm, suicidal thoughts, dissociation, grief, anger, frustration and general stress.