NLP Master Practitioner Life Coach (Nero Linguistic Programming) ILM Coach, HearthMath Coach & MBit (Multiple Brain Integration Techniques) Coach
Telephone 07810 341950


I am qualified in many disciplines in both coaching and teaching. My qualifications and
experience include NLP Master Practitioner Life Coach (Nero Linguistic Programming)
and ILM Coach, HeartMath Coach & MBiT (Multiple Brain Integration Techniques) Coach.

I have a variety of qualifications and experience in Positive Psychology and have studied and am qualified in many holistic modalities. I am also a qualified Mental Health
Practitioner and a long serving lecturer and trainer working in colleges, universities and
I work part of my week in a psychology practice in Wiltshire and time-travel across the
county as well as running my own practice and workshops on a variety of subjects.
I am an advocate for wellbeing, health and resilience and am recognised as a Health and
Wellbeing Resilience Coach. I am also specialised & very experienced in working with
young adults with SEN diagnosis. I am passionate about addressing young people’s self confidence, wellbeing and resilience.
My work is based on Positive Psychology; human potential like character strengths,
optimism, emotional freedom, happiness, wellbeing, gratitude, (as well as self-compassion and self-love), self-esteem and self-confidence and overall life satisfaction.
I’m not here to ‘fix’ you, I am here to support you being the best version of yourself and
helping you tap into your full potential, flourish and live your best life.
I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully meeting you in person.
With love and appreciation, always